lol, I thought the white blaze belonged to the black horse :P


To add to the neverending list of my favourite horses ever: All Star 5, ridden by Denis Lynch

Rule #1 of equestrian tumblrs, you ALWAYS reblog the king of showjumping. I don’t even care, you reblog that.

Morning rides are the best

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Let Her Go Boys And Pray: If barrel racing was so damn easy, every little girl who rides in the...


If barrel racing was so damn easy, every little girl who rides in the western discipline would be doing this event. It’s one of the most fucking difficult things to do on a horse and is only supposed to last 15 or 16 seconds. There’a a good fucking reason why we grab the horn. And it’s not to stay…

I ride English and I think I would probably flop right off at the mere mention of barrel racing. Those girls have got some major guts. Either way, it’s us and a live animal, we should be celebrating each other for being involved in every aspect of riding. One discipline or style isn’t better than another. We’re all riders who love different parts of it, and that should be okay!

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A friend’s horse died today. There are no words to describe the heartbreak we all felt. Losing such a big-hearted and majestic animal who you’ve bonded with and fallen for … I don’t think it gets worse that that. My heart goes out to the girl and to the beautiful mare she lost.

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